Re: Scrollbars In The Box Model

fantasai wrote:
> Yung-Fong Tang wrote:
>> I suggest similar thing when I give feedback about the 
>> We need to specify which side to put the scroll bar in a document. 
>> Left or right? Arabic / Hebrew page need control about that.
> Scrollbar placement should not be controlled by CSS. It should be 
> consistent
> with all other applications on a given OS. If the OS displays scrollbars on
> the right, then web page elements should also display scrollbars on the 
> right.
> To have it any other way would just confuse the user, since s/he will 
> *expect*
> it to be on the right.
> ~fantasai

My comment wasn't intended to determine whether the scrollbar would be 
placed left or right (since scrollbars also appear on the bottom), but 
where in the box model it's placed (ie. between the border-edge and 
margin, between the padding-edge and border etc).
Currently UA's place the scrollbar differently and this seems something 
that should be changed.


Received on Saturday, 5 April 2003 17:21:04 UTC