circled/parenthesized chars, combining chars. and ::marker (was non-repeating list types)

Ernest Cline wrote:

>Some other characters in the U+3200 to U+32FF range are possible 
>candidates for non-repeating list types, but I am not knowledgeable 
>enough about Asian scripts to say whether they should be.
I wrote about this issue a couple of weeks ago, but nobody has replied, 
In my message, I listed what characters in [U+3200, U+32FF]  are candidates
for additional list-styles.  In Korean documents, 
[U+3200, U+320D], [U+320E, U+321B], [U+3260, U+326D], and
 [U+326E,U+327B] are frequently used.

The question is, as I asked in the message, whether they have to
be added as separate non-repeating list-styles  or  ::marker psuedo-element
and  'combining circle' (U+20DD) should be used to generate
circled characters on the fly combined with  existing list-styles.

Jungshik Shin


Received on Wednesday, 2 April 2003 21:52:58 UTC