non-repeating list-stye-types


In the working draft, this covers the range from 0 to 20.  However, as 
of Unicode 3.2, circled decimals from 21 to 50 are defined as well. 21 
to 35 are U+3251 to U+325F and 36 to 50 are U+32B1 to U+32BF.


In the working-draft, this covers the range from 11 to 20. However, 
these numbers are also defined from 1 to 10 as U+2776 to U+277F.

Some other characters in the U+3200 to U+32FF range are possible 
candidates for non-repeating list types, but I am not knowledgeable 
enough about Asian scripts to say whether they should be.

Received on Wednesday, 2 April 2003 15:42:04 UTC