Idea for W3C on improving stylesheets


 I had an idea on how to improve stylesheets... Maybe
everyone could consider this idea for awhile. 

 Here goes... Right now we have to include the styles
on the top of each page in the html stream that gets
sent to the browser.

 Would it be possible to say, in a future version on
style sheets, send down ALL of the possible style
commands for formatting ONLY ONCE when a user first
browses to a domain.

 Say you put in a StyleExpires command which would
cache the styles on the client side after the first
visit to the domain and KEEP them on file unless the
date/time is after the StyleExpires property.

 This would SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE the amount of network
chatter on the internet as stlyes would only need to
be downloaded once per domain.

 Thank you!

 Please send comments / feedback to:

Matt Reine
Owner of

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Received on Thursday, 12 September 2002 14:22:00 UTC