Re: CSS 2.1 WD and non-CSS presentational hints

On Saturday 2002-08-31 18:24 +0000, Ian Hickson wrote:
> I don't understand why I would want to override the default UA rendering
> of <strong>, but not the default UA rendering of <font color="obnoxious">.
> In fact, I imagine I would want to override <font> a lot _more_ than I
> would want to override <strong>.

Well, it has less to do with that than the idea that we want user
preferences to be expressable as a user stylesheet, and therefore things
like the color-related attributes on BODY would stop working given this

Regarding the definition of presentational hints, it was pointed out at
the recent working group meeting that CSS1 has a much clearer definition
than CSS2 does:  it refers to "other stylistic HTML attributes" and
"stylistic attributes" [1].  So I think it is clear that the intent was
to describe attributes but not elements.



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