Re: Being clear about clear

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Tom Gilder wrote:
> OK, take an example like
> As far as I read CSS 2, that should actually be rendered with the
> cleared text vertically below the floated text.

As I understand it, it is the intention of the working group that floats
in one "rendering context" may not affect floats in another "rendering
context", where "rendering contexts" are formed by the root element, by
floats, by absolutely positioned content, and by cells and captions.

This should probably be made clearer in CSS2.1.

> I mean. I originally found that Opera 7 beta 1 rendered the image on
> different to IE/Gecko,
> and was going to file a bug, but it seemed that Opera was actually
> correct (is it?). But I think your description is along the lines that
> I'm thinking, yes.

I would say Opera is correct and Gecko is wrong.


...for what basically amounts to a /reductio ad absurdum/ demonstration of
why Gecko is, IMHO, incorrect.

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