Re: WD-CSS21-20020802 section 16, "Text", substantive comments

Etan Wexler wrote:
> 16.2 Alignment: the 'text-align' property
> There should be a new value, 'auto', which computes to 'left' when the
> 'direction' property is 'LTR' and computes to 'right' when the 'direction'
> property is 'RTL'.  Once 'auto' is added as a possibility, it should also
> be the initial value.  The 'auto' value amounts to naming the currently
> implemented behavior, so achieving interoperable implementations by the end
> of the Candidate Recommendation phase seems quite feasible.

CSS3 Text defines 'start' to handle this, so CSS2 shouldn't define 'auto'.

> Change to "This property is not inherited, but inline-level boxes whose
> closest block-level ancestor has text decoration must be formatted with the
> same decoration (e.g., they should all be underlined)."

section {text-decoration: underline}

   <title>Section A</title.
     <listitem>You suggest that this should not be underlined?</listitem>

> "In the following example for HTML, the text content of all A elements
> acting as hyperlinks will be underlined:
> a[href] { text-decoration: underline }"
> The prose is inaccurate.  Change the prose to "In the following example for
> HTML, the text content of all A elements acting as originating hyperlink
> anchors will be underlined:".

I don't see why this change is necessary.

hyperlink : A reference (link) from some point in one hypertext
             document to (some point in) another document or
             another place in the same document.
  from The Free Online Dictionary of Computing

> 16.4 Letter and word spacing: the 'letter-spacing' and 'word-spacing'
> properties
> Change "Letter" in the heading to "Grapheme cluster".

No, don't do that. The average person knows about letters, but
has never heard of a Grapheme cluster. Even if everything is
changed in the prose, the heading should not be changed so that
the reader can tell from the table-of-contents link or the section
heading what this section is about.

> Add "Because the property controls spacing between grapheme
 > clusters and not necessarily or only between letters, the
 > name 'letter-spacing' is a misnomer."

This is unnecessary.

Personally, I think 'letter-spacing' is a more appropriate
name than 'grapheme-spacing', simply because it's more
understandable even if it is technically less accurate. So,
IMO, it's not a misnomer.


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