Re: Case of keywords in examples

On Saturday, November 16, 2002, at 02:27 AM, Etan Wexler spake thus:

> I disagree that enforcing lower case is important.  In fact, I think 
> that
> less consistency would be beneficial in its own way.  Using a variety of
> casings and spacings would reinforce by example that CSS is liberal 
> about
> case and whitespace.

Perhaps a simple example of CSS  in the Syntax module would suffice to 
make this concept clear. however, for the sake OF        claritY,    the 
ProSe  aNd examples               of               THE     modules OUGHT 
tO FOLLOW a              coNsiSTENT stylE.
       the                              dang
things        ARE hard             enough to REad as it      IS.

The recommendations ought not attempt to be tutorials nor style guides.


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