Re: WD-CSS21-20020802 section 9, "Visual formatting model", editorial suggestions

Fantasai wrote to <> on 14 November 2002 in 'Re:
WD-CSS21-20020802 section 9, "Visual formatting model", editorial
suggestions' (<>):

> > Change "it visually becomes part of" to "of which, visually, it is a part".
> Take out the commas. "visually" should not be parenthesized like that,
> since it is an important qualifier to "is a part".

I shrug to show my apathy.

> > "'left' moves the boxes to the right"
> >
> > Capitalize "left".
> I don't think code should be subjected to the same capitalization rules
> as normal text. CSS may be case-insensitive, but a lot of languages are
> not, and one ought to be consistent in one's punctuation habits.

Can I be pedantic for a moment (or a lifetime)?  Good.  It's about
capitalization, not about punctuation.

Consistency can be seen in several ways.  To be consistent with the English
language as written for several hundred years, CSS specifications must
capitalize keywords that start sentences.  Being case insensitive, CSS
itself exerts no pressure to choose one casing over another.

I fail to see how the case-sensitivity of languages other than CSS has any
bearing on the matter.  We are discussing CSS, after all.

Etan Wexler <>

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