Re: inch to cm <>:
>> An inch (in the real world) is defined
>> to be precisely 25.4 mm (or 2.54 cm).
> and a foot is equal to 30cm or 300mm.


> a foot is equal to 12 inches.


> an inch is 2.54cm.


> a foot is 30.48cm,

Yes, 12 ◊ 25.4mm == 304.8mm == 30.48cm.

> ergo 30cm "is equal to" 30.48cm.

No, a foot is approximately 30cm.

Besides, there were other measurements with the same names which slightly
differed, but an inch for instance is always between 2.3 and 3.0 cm. Those
aren't in use anymore AFAIK, and so should the English/US inch, foot, yard,
mile, gallon, ounce etc. I'm very unhappy with the W3C (or CSS) to support
this archaic stuff. Point and pica are merely more acceptable, but too
common in typography to ignore, although I've yet to see a stylesheet
actually using pc.

Christoph Paper

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