thai-alphabetic (was Re: css3-lists: new working draft)

Ian Hickson wrote:
> I've added what you gave to my internal draft (and renamed the
> existing 'thai' to 'thai-numeric').
> However, if the codepoints are unstable as you say, this could pose a
> problem. Could you give us more information on this?

Thanks, Ian.

After discussions with few groups of people,
we will follow the convention that use in
Thai law, also many other academic/general
publications, as spec below:

(2nd draft for thai-alphabetic)
System: Thai
Codepoints: U+0E01, U+0E02, U+0E04, U+0E07..U+0E2E
Base: 43
Suffix: . U+002E


Received on Wednesday, 13 November 2002 05:25:43 UTC