[css3-border] Comments

3.2 The 'border-style' properties
The image of example renditions of border-styles is slightly different
 then the Text module suggests (esp. wave) in 9.2. I guess the images
 are just informative, but it's a bit odd.

3.4 The Border Image properties
There's no way to specify the right and/or centered border-image
 without specifying the left one, right? Oh wait, there's inherit--No,
 border-image: inherit url("mitte") inherit; isn't valid. But that's
 not really a problem IMHO.
I really wish the English language had names for corners other than
top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left and top-left. You should keep the
 order the same everytime you use it, e.g. border-*-*-images starts
 with top-left, while border-*-*-radius ends with it.

Btw.: I've not yet checked the reason for this, but in most CSS3
 documents there are tables (Name, Value, Initial...), but not all of
 them, that have text from the right cells floating above the left
 cells in my Opera 6, e.g. "Applies to: All elements" becomes "Applies

Christoph Päper

Received on Monday, 11 November 2002 18:42:47 UTC