Re: css3-border: new working draft

Bert Bos wrote:
> The CSS working group published a new draft, the first one of the CSS3
> Border module. It contains some new ideas for creating interesting
> borders, in particular for using images or patterns for the border.

 From 2:

"These tests will not be conformance full tests but will be intended to 
provide users with a way to check if a part of this specification is 
implemented at least a minima or not or, on the contrary, not 
implemented at all."

Shouldn't that read "a minima or, on the contrary,..."? I'm assuming a 
minima is latin here, and wondering why an English specification 
includes latin terms? And if it is latin why the markup around it is 
simply <i> and </i> instead of a span marking up the language.

WRT to 3.2, I'd like it if there were some way of controlling the wave 
border style a little more. When I first envisaged the property before 
looking at the example I was thinking more of the waved underline MS 
Word uses on incorrect words. Would it be better if there were two wave 
styles rather than an extra property to control them? compact-wave and 
wave, perhaps?

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