[css3-lists] Comments

Please use XHTML or XML in your examples.
I think people out there really want list-style-type: tree and directory.
How's the rendition of XHTML2's nl element described with CSS?
Your red and green annotation boxes don't look so right, they overlap the
text (Opera 6).
I'm amazed how many different fonts my browser finds to show me list styles
in alphabets I've never even heard of. ;)

4.1. Glyphs
I'd like to see "arrow" and "hand" in <glyph>. No I don't, but some might,
as you note there are a lot of glyphs. Allowing "string" as a
list-style-type value, instead of ::marker{content:string}, doesn't do the

4.3. Numeric
| Note 1: Numbers -9 to 9 in the decimal-leading-zero system should
|         be prefixed by an extra single 0 U+0030.
What if the highest number has 3 or more digits? What's with binary, octal
and hexadecimal--no leading zeroes?

4.4. Alphabetic
There are three ways in German to treat the umlauts (, , ) when sorting:
They're either treated like their corresponding characters without diaresis
(in dictionaries, DIN), as if they were "AE", "OE" and "UE" (in phone books)
or -- very seldomly -- as extra letters following the undotted siblings (A,
, B...O, , P...U, , V...Z). I'm not sure if this should be honored by
introducing an extra list-style (or two with upper-/lowercase), because I
remember only exactly one time seeing an  in a list (was to short to get to
The Eszett "" (&szlig; in HTML), however, is always treated as "ss" and
neither ever starts a word nor is used in lists.

Christoph Pper

Received on Friday, 8 November 2002 18:01:23 UTC