Re: Custom property names: property name namespaces?

>Instead, I urge you and other implementors of proprietary CSS offshoots
>to choose a 
>convenient abbreviation of the project in question and use the
>abbreviation as a hyphen-
>minus-separated prefix for proprietary property names.

Thank you very much, this is exactly the information I was looking for.

>To avoid naming clashes with other CSS offshoots, a message to this list,
>>, will suffice.  Simply tell us the names of your new
>properties.  Further 
>information would be appreciated as a courtesy, but the names are the
>crucial part.

I'll come back to this when property names have settled - currently (pre-
beta), they still change on a regular basis. I'm still struggling to
minimize proprietary property extensions, but fear that in order to give
users all desirable options regarding the target format (RTF), we'll need
to add some. However, this is not the space to discuss these specific
(CSS application) issues.


Received on Sunday, 5 May 2002 12:28:07 UTC