MIME types for fonts (was Re: SVG fonts embeddable in XHTML-documents?)

Chris Lilley wrote on 12 March 2002:

> The trouble is, there are no font/* MIME
> types and [it is] a lot of trouble to get a new tree.

I wonder why the 'application' MIME type is unsuitable, 
given approporiate subtypes.  The existing 
'application/font-tdpfr' (for Bitstream's Portable Font 
Resource) subtype is one example.  I would think that 
other subtypes would be easy to define and easy to register 
under the 'application' type.  If font subtypes do not fit in the 
IETF tree, the vendor tree is ready and willing.

What would we gain by the addition of a 'font' MIME type?

Etan Wexler

Received on Sunday, 17 March 2002 20:48:24 UTC