Re: CSS3 module: lists question

Dear Ian,

thank you for the comments. I guess it means that 

>    list > list-item::marker { ... }

can be used directly in the style attribute, but only has a scope of the
element and its descendants of the element on which it is specified.
Maybe the examples section in


could be amended by an example like you gave above for even easier
understanding that also more complex selectors are allowed. One probably
could guess that already from the @import example, though.

>Don't use style attributes.

Can I interpret this as that the recommended practice is to use the ID
attribute of an element instead to extract all styles and place it into
an associated stylesheet? I am talking only about styles that would occur
once in the document and can not be 'class'ified semantically.

Regards, Christian.

Received on Wednesday, 12 June 2002 11:34:57 UTC