CSS3 module: lists question


The ::marker pseudo class is only valid on elements with display property
set to 'list-item'. This means that when using anonymous style
declarations via the 'style' attribute in an XML application (that
supports it) results in a required repetition of the specification for
the 'content' property of the ::marker on every list item of a list.

However, I think a common case is to style list item markers within a
single list similarly, relying on only a single general CSS rule for list
items to increment their counter.

Does there already exist a mechanism to specify the <list-item>
::marker's content property once on its enclosing <list> element, so that
virtually each <list-item> inherits the ::marker declaration on the
enclosing <list>?

In pseudo code, what I mean is something like this:

<list style="{ left-margin: 2em; list-style: outside }
             ::marker { content: '(' counter( list-item, lower-roman ) ')';
                        text-align: left } ">
    <list-item>Item one</list-item>
    <list-item>Item two</list-item>


 (i)  Item one
 (ii) Item two

Since <list> is not of display type 'list-item', it does not use/evaluate
the ::marker declaration. But how can this be inherited on the <list-item>s?

Regards, Christian.

Received on Wednesday, 12 June 2002 08:19:51 UTC