Re: solutions)ntations of CSS for years to come

On Tuesday 29 January 2002 15:25, Christian Wolfgang Hujer wrote:
|   I am not against CSS3. I like the development of new standards and the
|   improvement of existing ones. And I like browsers that implement them.
| But I also like surfing the web with stable software. And IE6/Win98 crashes
| very often. So I prefer Konqueror or Mozilla. And as long as they do not
| support CSS3 I will continue using CSS1 and CSS2.

As David Faure (Konqueor's maintainer) can say here, "you forgot to attach a 
patch"  :-))

If you really want CSS3: display: inline-block added to Konqueror, send a 
message to <>
and follow bug status at

All notes to bug reports are automatically sent to <>, and 
key KHTML/Konq developers read this least.
So far, I was the only person sound about 'inline-block' implementation.
If you add your voice, may be, it wil be fixed in week or two.

|   > I know it may be far more enjoyable to stay "irritated" as you say, but
|   > pick something else to be irritated about rather than four year old
|   > specifications that have been implemented by two year old
|   > implementations.
|   See above. They are not implemented, at least HTML 4 isn't implemented by
|   IE6/Win and prior versions.

I found that IE6 has very strange handling of 'float' elements, in 
particular, their widths defined as %%.
I had no time to read completely CSS1 spec (as MS claims CSS1 spec 
conformance, not CSS2) - but so far I think MS IE is wrong in rendering such 

To be sure that everyone understands what I am speaking about: testcase and 
screenshot of IE6 are attached.
Compare rendering by IE6 to either Mozilla or Konqueror - you will see huge 
To my best knowledge, 'float' is part of CSS1.

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