@page pseudos in the CSS2.1 grammar

The CSS2.1 grammar has:

  : PAGE_SYM S* IDENT? pseudo_page? S*
    '{' S* declaration [ ';' S* declaration ]* '}' S*

This means that

@page :first { size: landscape }


@page :left { size: landscape }

are both fine, while

@page :first:left { size: portrait }

is not valid.

I'm hoping that this is just an oversight and that the "pseudo_page?" was
supposed to be a "pseudo_page*"...  Selecting the first page in cases when it's
the left page could be quite useful, and normal selectors are not restricted to
having only a single pseudo-class attached to them.
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Received on Monday, 30 December 2002 03:53:27 UTC