Re: CSS3 Text

Ian Hickson wrote to <> on 23 December 2002 in
"CSS3 Text"

> On Sun, 15 Dec 2002, fantasai wrote:
>>    | ... preserved line feed characters (U+000A) ...
>> What happens when there's a line-separator character (U+2028)?
>> This doesn't seem to be dealt with anywhere in the draft.
>> Likewise for paragraph separators (U+2029).

> Those two characters should not appear in marked up content.

Then you agree that the appearance of line separator (U+2028) or of
paragraph separator (U+2029) is not an error, no matter how odd or
discouraged.  Anyway, it's only in XML that these characters are
deprecated.  Other document frameworks may encourage or require them.
So the question remains: what is an implementation to do with line
separator (U+2028) and with paragraph separator (U+2029) when
encountering them in content?       

Etan Wexler <>

Received on Wednesday, 25 December 2002 05:35:07 UTC