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On Sun, 15 Dec 2002, fantasai wrote:
>    | ... preserved line feed characters (U+000A) ...
> What happens when there's a line-separator character (U+2028)?
> This doesn't seem to be dealt with anywhere in the draft.
> Likewise for paragraph separators (U+2029).

Those two characters should not appear in marked up content.

>    | emergency
>    |    The text is wrapped like for the 'wrap' case, except that the
>    |    line-breaking algorithm will allow as a last resort option a
>    |    text wrap after the last character which can fit before the
>    |   >ending-edge of the line<, independently of 'line-break' and
>    |    word-break' properties.
> What is the ending-edge of the line? This isn't defined anywhere.

The "line" is the line box. Could be clearer, I guess, as "end of the
line box". Michel is not a native English speaker. :-)

>    |    For example, this deals with the situation of very long words
>    |    constrained in a fixed-width container with no scrolling
>    |    allowed.
> What happens in a fixed-width container if scrolling *is* allowed?

'overflow' has no effect on the width of the line box.

> :
>    |
>    | In addition, line feed characters can be inserted in generated
>    | content by using the '\A' string. The behavior of these
>    | inserted line feed characters is identical to original line
>    | feed characters part of the source document and is controlled
>    | by the same set of properties.
> What happens if I insert a carriage return? A CRLF sequence?

The \000D character is ignored (it's a control character, and has no
glyph). I'm not sure why you would ever include one though, that seems a
bit silly...	

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