tables in css2.1

The discussion process for CSS2.1 should reconsider the well known 
questions that have been raised against CSS2.0 

> * Section 17.4.1 says that percentage widths for top or bottom captions
> are computed relative to the table box's containing block.  What about
> percentage heights?  And side captions?

The percent heights are still not described.

> * Also in section 17.4.1, do auto side margins on side captions become
> zero?  Or is there some way to center both table and caption?

This is still not answered and raises questions 

> * Should section 17.5.3 say that length and percentage values of
> vertical-align should also be equivalent to baseline, since they
> do not apply to cells?

I think it should but at CSS2.1 but it is not mentioned.

> * The border collision rules (17.6.2) are ambiguous when borders differ
> only in color and the conflicting borders are on adjacent cells, or
> adjacent rows, etc.  I think a rule such as:
>   5. the border on the element earlier in the document tree wins
> would be good.  (I chose earlier because of table-header-groups and
> table-footer-groups.)

I think this is a good proposal.

It would be good if David's comments could finally find a way into the spec.


Received on Wednesday, 18 December 2002 12:47:13 UTC