CSS3 white-space property/value names

I formally propose the following changes:

linefeed-treatment: [1]
    treat-as-space             ->  space
    treat-as-zero-width-space  ->  zero-width
    ignore-if-after-linefeed   ->  no-double

white-space-treatment:    ->    white-space-discard:
    ignore                          ->  all
    preserve                        ->  none
    ignore-if-before-linefeed       ->  before-linefeed
    ignore-if-after-linefeed        ->  after-linefeed
    ignore-if-surrounding-linefeed  ->  around-linefeed

all-space-treatment: -> white-space-collapse:

So, the resulting properties are

   linefeed-treatment: auto | ignore | preserve | space | zero-width | no-double

   white-space-discard: all | none | before-linefeed | after-linefeed |

   white-space-collapse: preserve | collapse

The names are shorter and more specific. In particular, the
changes to white-space-treatment make the property's name
more accurate and express its purpose more clearly.

On another note, I also suggest dropping the 'no-double'
option for linefeed-treatment. It sounds nice on paper,
but I can't think of any practical reason to have it.
Also, unlike the other values, it has a collapsing
function, so it doesn't really fit in anyway. :)

[1] Päper, Christoph. "Comments on CSS3: Text LC", www-style@w3.org
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Received on Wednesday, 18 December 2002 08:21:16 UTC