Re: css3-lists: Coptic and Ionic Greek

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Christos Cheretakis wrote:
> Ian Hickson wrote:
>> On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Christos Cheretakis wrote:
>> Given the mess here, would you be particularly opposed to making the
>> *-modern-greek numbering styles be only defined in the range 1..89?
> Yes, and no. When you need a long list of numbers, that would probably
> include any of the not-existing, or ambiguous positions, you'd use
> decimal form instead. But the other representations still exist and
> *are* used in their alphabetic form when referring to them.

It seems extremely strange to me to have a system that is used to say
something like "bla bla 88 bla bla" but if it the number is increased by
two, it suddenly changes numbering system.

> The number of the beast would be "chi xi sigma tau'" in modern greek
> in any way.

Sure, but it's not like anyone is going to use CSS counters to say the
number of the beast.

> So, if you want to make a note on that, I'd rather you said "it is 
> defined, but not used" for >= 90, than "is not defined".

Would you be ok with that?

My problem is that having a numbering system with a large numbers of holes
in it is annoying to implement, ugly to specify, and disturbing to read.

>> Ok, so for modern I won't mention numeral-sign, and I'll make the suffix
>> ")".
> Yes, and no, again.

Well, I can't say "yes and no" in the spec.

Should the spec say that lower-greek and upper-greek end with the numeral
sign, or not? What should it say the suffix is? How about ancient-greek?

> For modern-greek, when used in a list, you would drop the
> numeral-sign, [...] But, when used in generated content, ie, TOC,
> chapter title numbering, etc., the numeral-sign has to be there. [...]

Well, authors can always add the numeral sign manually, if they are using
generated content.

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