Re: Suggestion to add "spacing between sentences" to CSS3 Line WD

>My apologies for this cultural clash.

Thanks.  Mine apologies also.  Maybe I was up too late last night.

>> Any way, I predicted this would not be solved any time soon.  I feel I
>> have a stronger argument now when advising people to use double spaces
>> on the web, at least until lower common denominator (resolution,
>> handicaps, etc) disappear...  maybe in heaven :-)
>Please be aware that typography experts are arguing the opposite. :-)

And I am open about this.

Note I linked from my web page ( to
some of those other opinions and I think from those links you can
eventually reach the quote you posted in this thread.

I just think the typography and useability experts are to some extent
contradicting themselves (as I point out in a revised version of my page to
go live later today).

Typography comes from a background of at least 600 dpi resolution, and more
realistically double that (Linotype) or metal or the new variable size dot
lasers.  I know something about this because I was one the first people in
the flegling PC publishing revolution back in mid-80s (see  BTW, my full signature:

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