Re: css3-lists: Coptic and Ionic Greek

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Dec 2002, Christos Cheretakis wrote:
>>   I'm not implying it's wrong to use the letters of the greek alphabet 
>>for numbering list items --*we are* using them for that purpose. I'm 
>>just asking to not standardise the wrong use!
> I intend to add this "traditional" (?) greek numbering style too.

   I know I sound pretty stuborn here, but the style and name you're 
proposing sound both strange and unnatural for us, greeks! As far as I 
know, languages using the latin alphabet do not have some other 
alphabet-based numbering style, besides the known roman style, so a 
numbering style based strictly on their alphabet may not seem very 
strange for those languages. In greek, however, there is one that is 
quite similar with the sequence of letters in the alphabet, but with 
some notable and pretty important deviations. For us, any use of the 
strict alphabetic sequence just outlines the user's ignorance and is 
plain wrong!

   I can tell you've made up your mind, and nothing I say can change 
that! But for one, please do not call it neither traditional, nor greek, 
because it ain't any of it!!! You could name it 
english-textbooks-using-greek-letters-numbering-style, or perhaps 
german-teachers-using-greek-letters-numbering-style, or anything 
similar, but please, do not call it traditional greek.

   Just note that there's one greek guy disagreeing with you!


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