Re: document structure & presentation format [Re: Float overflowing behavior]

At 09:38 AM 8/28/02, Vadim Plessky wrote:

 >|  How about TeX, LaTeX, and LOUT documents?
 >I am not familiar with TeX, LaTeX, and haven't heard about LOUT
 >at all.

See if you're interested.
Lout is a complete rewrite of the LaTeX system with easier to learn

LaTeX and even more for Lout documents have the high potential
for high semantic documents like (X)HTML and XML do. Unlike
the 'advanced teletyper' applications like WP and Word they
an author types his chapter names, section names, and paragraphs.
The specials like chapter names and quotations etc.. have some
markup code before them. When the base text is finished it is
put through a 'compiler' alog with an 'stylesheet' to create
the finial document including table of contents, dootnotes, and
indices. An author *would* not be busy (like most Word and WP
users are) with typing some text and adding presentation to it
and so forth until the document is finished.

Example Lout document:

   @Title{A small Lout example}
   @Author{C. Bottelier}
   @DateLine{August 28, 2002}
For more information see @Cite{$loutguide}

   @Author{J. H. Kingston}
   @Title{A user's Guide to Lout}

>|  Christian.
>|  Microsoft products are susceptible to a large variety of viruses, worms,
>|  and other fauna.
>This flaim is really not necessary here.
>I was speaking  *document structure & presentation format *
>MS Word's .doc is widely used, and while I don't like it at all, leading 
>Open-Source projects offer (at least) import functionality for Word documents.

Sorry if this oneliner upset anyone. Its one of the signatures
placed at the bottom of my email, and has nothing to do with the
subject. (Altough I must agree its kind of funny this one was
selected :-) .)

Christian Bottelier

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