Re: document structure & presentation format [Re: Float overflowing behavior]

On Wednesday 28 August 2002 12:28 am, C. Bottelier wrote:
|  At 11:33 AM 8/27/02, Vadim Plessky wrote:
|  >|
|  >|  And we should author the documents in a pure presentation format like
|  >|  PDF then.  Why bother with markup if you don't care about the
|  >| structure?
|  >
|  >I think if we take again Word Processor (WP)  paradigma, and add DTP
|  >(Desktop Publishing System), than we will recognize that DTP has better
|  >handling of document's structure than traditional WP.
|  How about TeX, LaTeX, and LOUT documents?

I am not familiar with TeX, LaTeX, and haven't heard about LOUT at all.
If you want *light* solution, which will be able to keep document structure, 
export PDF and provide WYSIWYG at the same moment - try KWord 
( KWord 1.2 (RC1 released 2 weeks ago, final release 
will follow in a week) has all this and even more :-)

And BTW it can export XHTML1-Strict with CSS2 formatting (out from internal 
XML_based KWord format).

|  Christian.
|  Microsoft products are susceptible to a large variety of viruses, worms,
|  and other fauna.

This flaim is really not necessary here.
I was speaking  *document structure & presentation format *
MS Word's .doc is widely used, and while I don't like it at all, leading 
Open-Source projects offer (at least) import functionality for Word 


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