Re: Accessibility: Good or bad for business? (Was: Public list or not?)

>For example, which studies have examined the costs of staff time getting up
>to speed with accessibility issues, time and costs of setting up SOPs etc to 
>ensure that a chosen level of compliance is implemented and shown that those 
>costs are less than the increased sales produced by addressing accessibility?

This question is based ion the idea that creating an accessible website
requires a lot or even an extreme amount of time and effords. This is
partly true when an inaccessible website has to be convefrted into an
accessible one page by page. For new development It only requires the
awareness and a few minutes to take in account 'how accessible is this
in my head, and how do I put this in practice'. The though is already
on how to take in in practice. Onl the initialtep -- becomming aware --
costs time and efford. By either taking some advice, a small cource, few
tutorials, and make some contact with the en-users of the web.

Mostly one of the arguments of the to be or not to be accessible take
1 group of disabled people in mind; the blind. What about near sighted
the elderly, foreighn people, or people being dyslectic? And not to
all the 'normal' people with an accessible site they will find it easier
to get the information they want, and are more heppy to go to you.

Christian Bottelier

Received on Wednesday, 21 August 2002 07:04:35 UTC