Re: Float overflowing behavior

> I think 'inline-block' was designed for such tasks,
> and now it's in CSS 2.1 
> specification.
> See archives of this mailing list for the last
> (2001) year, this subject has 
> been discussed several times!

With all due respect, I don't see display:
inline-block as having any bearing on this matter
whatsoever.  Let's go back to the product catalog
example which I put forth in an earlier posting and
tweak the code a little to use the inline-block
property as you propose.

.productimage {
    display: inline-block;

<div class="product">
<p><img class="productimage" src="product01.jpg">This
is our lovely new widget, hot off the assembly line. 
Get your new model widget now!</p>

Now, going by what I have read of inline-block and
your own inline-block test cases, this would render as
the following.

|        |     This is our lovely new widget, hot off
| Widget |
| Image  |
|        |

the assembly line.  Get your new model widget now!

This is what I would expect as the display of this
example, since the inline-block productimage would
expand the line box of the first line of the
paragraph.  Clearly, this would not be the desired
behavior to achieve the effect which we are looking
for in this case.

I still see some sort of float-overflow property
similar to what has been proposed in earlier postings
as the best option.

Bill Daly

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Received on Friday, 16 August 2002 10:42:12 UTC