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> > I do not think XSL-FO is any more or less semantic than HTML. 
> Really?
> How do you express that some text is a headline in XSL-FO? 


What is the "meaning" of a headline (sic)?

Is there, for example, a worthwhile semantic difference between the 

<h1>"Formatting Objects Considered Harmful"</h1>
<p>Often repeated</p>
<p>Poorly argued</p>


<p>""Formatting Objects Considered Harmful"</p>
<li>Often repeated</li>
<li>Poorly argued</li>


<svg:text>"Formatting Objects Considered Harmful"</svg:text>
<svg:tspan>Often repeated</svg:tspan>
<svg:tspan>Poorly argued</svg:tspan>


To a human reader the meaning is pretty clear but to pretend that the HTML 
variants shown (and there are many others) contain some sort of immutable 
semantics is, I suggest, illusory.

Are you seriously suggesting that SVG too is "harmful" and should be 
abandoned because it lacks the historical domain-specific idiosyncracies of 

Andrew Watt

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