Re: background-attachment

Eric A. Meyer wrote:

> At 18:13 +0200 8/14/02, Kai Lahmann wrote:
>> an (maybe silly?) Idea of a change of this. The image shouldn't be 
>> fixed related to the topleft corner of the viewport, but of the next 
>> parent element, which has any scrolling mechanism (thinking of 
>> overflow:scroll or a textarea).
>    I believe that there are already two interoperable implementations 
> of fixed-attachment background images as applied to arbitrary 
> elements, so it's too late to change the meaning of 'fixed'.  You 
> could propose a new value that has the effect you desire.

year - and many incompatible. Maybe a third value 'overflow', which 
results in this behavior?

Kai Lahmann

Received on Wednesday, 14 August 2002 22:33:13 UTC