Custom property names: property name namespaces?


I'm developing a (mostly, see below) CSS based tool to convert XML
documents to a renderable output format (currently: RTF). Many properties
in the output format can be specified by "pure" CSS properties. However,
there are additional things which need to be specified for the output
(example: footnote positioning end-of-text or end-of-page) but have no
conceptual or functional counterpart in CSS.

What is the recommended way to name these proprietary properties and
their values to avoid future name clashes when the standard defines new
properties and/or value sets?

In the archives, it was recommended to use "-" as starting character
since it was not a valid CSS token start character, but there was also a
reference to CSS3. I haven't found yet any specifics in the documents and
drafts available on the web site. Is there already some idea how this
will work so that I can use that as guideline for the time being?

e.g. something like { -dcst-footnote-position: -dcst-end-of-page; }

Regards, Christian.

Received on Tuesday, 23 April 2002 09:27:55 UTC