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Alex Herlas <> wrote:

> anybody... can tell me why?

Clearly a browser issue, though you do not say which browser you are using.

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> <div style="position:fixed;top:10;left:10">

You will want 'px' units on those co-ordinates.

> <img src="img.jpg"></img>

For best compatibility with HTML, use:

  <img src="img.jpg"" />

(you will also need an 'alt' attribute for it to be valid.)

> but when an scrolling the html document down... the
> event like mouseover or  mouse out don't work...

I'm guessing you are using IE5/Mac. There is a known bug where hover
effects don't work in scrolled fixed-position element, I guess this is
the same thing. Other browsers (Mozilla, Opera, IE/Win when fixed with ) do not exhibit this
behaviour. Still, it is worth avoiding DHTML elements that rely on
hover effects in fixed-position elements at this time.

Andrew Clover

Received on Monday, 22 April 2002 11:14:01 UTC