Re: Progress of css3-userint?

On 4/6/02 12:31 AM, "Andrew Clover" <> wrote:

> Has there been any movement on the CSS3 User Interface module since
> the 16-Feb-2000 WD?

Yes, there has been quite a bit of movement, just nothing published yet.

> I have serious reservations about this spec as it stands (mainly: sections
> 5.2 - 5.4, which don't belong in a styling language IMO),

5.2 is still there - as styling keyboard shortcuts etc. is a request of
other groups like WAP etc.

> and I'd like
> to know if there have been any shift in thinking since then.

However 5.3-5.4 have been strongly reconsidered.

In short, the UI draft is being broken up into two pieces - a simpler,
reduced document "Basic UI", and an advanced, more catch-all document
"Advanced UI".  Both of these are being currently discussed in the working
group and when we have something worth of publishing we will do so.



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