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On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Dylan Schiemann wrote:

> Things like this:
> are
> why Tantek and Chris often get such disrespect on this
> list.

   In their defense, decisions like this get made elsewhere in the huge
corporate structure that is Microsoft, and word doesn't get around.  By
coincidence, Tantek and I were having lunch yesterday, and he was as shocked
as anyone else to hear about all this.  I don't think either Tantek or Chris
would ever have made claims like Visse did.
   Personally, I think that Chris and Tantek should get more respect than
average, simply because they are both committed to pushing W3C standards
support in a company that doesn't place a lot of value on them.  Plus they
keep coming back for more abuse from this list, and others, because they
believe in keeping open lines of communication and in pushing standards
forward.  They have more to lose, and a great deal more resistance to
overcome, than almost anyone else here.  On that basis alone they should be
held in higher esteem than they generally receive.

> I'm really curious which standards mozilla and opera
> supposedly don't support when msn doesn't even
> validate correctly and is therefore not "standards
> compliant":

   I'm curious too.  The fact that they allow NN4.x and IE4.x into the site
rather gives lie to the claim about requiring browsers that support standards.
Or so it would seem to me.

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