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On Friday 26 October 2001 03:03, Dylan Schiemann wrote:
|   Things like this:
| are
|   why Tantek and Chris often get such disrespect on this
|   list.
|   "But, Visse warned, "the experience may be slightly
|   degraded simply because they don't support the
|   standards we support closely, as far as the HTML
|   standard in those browsers."
|   Currently, using the most recent browser from
| to reach brings a message from
|   Microsoft saying it has "detected that the browser
|   that you are using will not render correctly."
| does open-source browser development for
|   AOL Time Warner's Netscape Communications unit.

Dylan, other subscribers of www-style list:

I can confrim that I get the same *warning* from Microsoft visiting with Opera5/Linux and Konqueror 2.2/KDE.


But, I was able to *get in* using Konqueror with MS IE 5.0/Win95 User Agent

looking at site's design ( ), it seems Microsoft again uses 
pixel-sized fonts, making text almost unreadable for UserAgent with good dpi 
(I have 96dpi setting in XFree86)
Again, I was able to correct it, using Konqueror's Font Increase feature
So, Microsoft really underestimated Open-Source software, all their 
aggressive efforts are useless after all ! ;-))

All this is very, *VERY* offensive from Microsoft side.
I just wondering how company listed on NASDAQ can go to market with such 
anti-market, anti-marketing, agressive, anti-humanitarian approach.
I can guess that instead of massive browser upgrades, Microsoft will get just 
jihad against them.
Microsoft is acting here in the same way as terrorists on Sept.11 in WTC.
 Terrorists got their war. Microsoft will get it as well.
If I made it not clear enough: 
"Dear Microsoft managers, there is no way how you can make web and Internet 
users your hostages. You will get resistance, you will get negative reactions 
from all countries over the world. Stop offend people, stop blaim Open-Source 
software. Only fair competition can make company successful and honourable"
                     Vadim Plessky

|   Visse said earlier Thursday that the message would be
|   shown to people using "browsers that we know don't
|   support (W3C) standards or that we can't insure will
|   get a great experience for the customer." W3C refers
|   to the World Wide Web Consortium, which is developing
|   industry standards for Web technologies.
|   "
|   Here's a screenshot of the message:
|   I'm really curious which standards mozilla and opera
|   supposedly don't support when msn doesn't even
|   validate correctly and is therefore not "standards
|   compliant":
|   I know, this is probably off-topic, but it seemed
|   relevant in light of all the recent discussion about
|   building a fully css compliant browser.
|   -Dylan Schiemann


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