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> That's interesting. I didn't read specs about that so deeply. Is a
> Content-Type: text/xml without charset parameter really assumed to be
> US-ASCII or is it assumed to be UTF-8? Where can I read about that, HTTP/1.1
> Specs, MIME Specs or XML Rec?

See RFC 3023 "XML Media Types" [1], "3.1 Text/xml Registration":

   Optional parameters: charset
      Conformant with [RFC2046], if a text/xml entity is received with
      the charset parameter omitted, MIME processors and XML processors
      MUST use the default charset value of "us-ascii"[ASCII].  In cases
      where the XML MIME entity is transmitted via HTTP, the default
      charset value is still "us-ascii".  (Note: There is an
      inconsistency between this specification and HTTP/1.1, which uses
      ISO-8859-1[ISO8859] as the default for a historical reason.  Since
      XML is a new format, a new default should be chosen for better
      I18N.  US-ASCII was chosen, since it is the intersection of UTF-8
      and ISO-8859-1 and since it is already used by MIME.)

Also note that a different rule applies to application/xml.


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