Behavioral CSS extensions: Method parameters...

I've recently begun using CSS behaviors (I REALLY favor the HTC method over embedded script, keeps things clean and encapsulated), and in my experiments, I've come accross a shortcomming in the current draft. There is no way of defining parameters for a method. It took me well over a week to get the answer to this question. If the working draft for CSS behavioral extensions is still beeing maintained, is it possible to update it with the parameter notation for methods? 

The following works with IE:

<public:method name="samplemethod">
    <public:parameter name="param1"/>
    <public:parameter name="param2"/>

<script language="JScript">
function samplemethod(param1,param2)
    // code

Jon Rista

Received on Thursday, 25 October 2001 13:52:01 UTC