Re: position: fixed [Re: How is it possible to devise such a feeble system?]

On Thursday 25 October 2001 15:19, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
|   > Neither Opera nor Mozilla could:
|   > a) center text horizontally
|   > b) center DIV block vertically
|   > c) paint background for DIV block in light-gray - rgb (211,211,211)
|   > d) paint border-top and border-bottom
|   What's with the 0xA0 (not to be confused with 0x0A) characters scattered
|   throughout that stylesheet?  Are they supposed to be whitespace?  I am
|   not very well versed in character encodings, so that may well be the
|   case...
Ok, attach screenshot of KCharSelect (analog to Character Select in Windows, 
but in KDE2)
As you see, char 0xA0 is some kind of whitespace.
 I have no clue how it appeared in in that HTML file.
But 0xA0 is not a control character. 
BTW, are CSS rules *Unicode-ready*? For example, can I write class name in 
Russian (Cyrillic) and be sure that browser will be able to handle it?

Screenshot represent Unicode plane 0, Cyrillic is in Unicode plane 4.
|   They seem to be causing the rule to be ignored.  Removing them from the
|   sheet leads to rendering in Mozilla that is identical to your
|   screenshot.
|   Boris

Now it seems I have to reboot from Linux to Windows and check *how* this file 
will be displayed in Win98. And what MS IE will do with it.
If MS IE can handle this example, than it's problem of Opera and Mozilla 
(they need to fix).

Stay tuned ;-)

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