Re: Proposal for non-normative example section (Was: RE: How is it possible to devise such a feeble system?)

Bjoern Hoehrmann <> wrote on 10/24/01 5:59:31 PM:
>* Jesse McCarthy wrote:
>>>>[specifications hard to read for beginners]
>>>[beginners are not specification's target group]
>>Could you please clarify that statement; who is supposedly able to use the 
>>specifications to author the "tutorials, books, guides", etc.?
>Non-beginners, people who do understand the specification and have
>decent writing skills.
>>Are you saying that an author that also has specialized knowledge, e.g.
>>of common typography, would be required to translate the specification
>>into a form suitable for authors in general? 
>No, not required, but it would certainly help beginners.

Ok, that's very much different from what you said earlier:

  Specifications aren't generally written for users or authors
  in this case...Developers should refer to secondary
  materials like tutorials, books, guides, whatever if they want
  to learn CSS, specifications cannot teach authors to use
  technologies described therin, at least not beyond a certain
  level of verbosity.

I hardly see "author" or "developer" as a synonym for "beginner".

I am an author, or developer, or whatever you want to call me.  I am also a non-
beginner, do understand the specification (when it's coherent -- which, 
unfortunately, is less pervasively than it should be), and probably even have 
decent writing skills.  And I'm all too familiar with the books and articles 
written by so called "experts", who deign, for a moment, to step down from 
their ivory tower to make pompous pronouncements and receive accolades from the 
hapless developers, helpless to comprehend anything without their divine 
intervention.  No, I prefer to go to the source.  If I can get a job in this 
industry soon enough to keep me involved, I plan to become involved in the 
development of some of these technologies, e.g. HTML, CSS, to the extent that I 
can.  Obviously the people who have been doing it up till now have too often 
been asleep at the wheel.  Either that or they are overwhelmed and need 
qualified assistance. 

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