Re: Proposal for non-normative example section (Was: RE: How is it possible to devise such a feeble system?)

Bjoern Hoehrmann <> wrote on 10/24/01 4:49:20 PM:
>Specifications aren't generally written for users or authors
>in this case. Someone who doesn't know how non-Latin writing
>systems work or who isn't familiar with common typography is
>likely to be confused by some parts of CSS Level 3, optimizing
>for them is not feasable. Developers should refer to secondary
>materials like tutorials, books, guides, whatever if they want
>to learn CSS, specifications cannot teach authors to use
>technologies described therin, at least not beyond a certain
>level of verbosity.

Could you please clarify that statement; who is supposedly able to use the 
specifications to author the "tutorials, books, guides", etc.?  Are you saying 
that an author that also has specialized knowledge, e.g. of common typography, 
would be required to translate the specification into a form suitable for 
authors in general? 

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