Re: How is it possible to devise such a feeble system?

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> Chris, I think you would be best served by first clarifying your own mental
> model. 
> CSS does not "know" anything.  CSS is a language for instructing the user
> agent 
> what to do.

Yes, i agree.

> The user agent knows the width and height of the viewport.  Using
> CSS, you can instruct the user agent to format elements such as HTML and BODY
> to assume the entire width and height of the viewport.

My first reaction would be that you couldn't but i can't say i've ever spent
any effort looking into it before myself. After a few quick tests it seems
that it takes both elements set to height:100% to get the body (which it the
containing box that we are concerned with)

[body 100%]
[html 100%]

and from this point we are stuck, as you mentioned below.

> My complaint is that
> once I've done that, CSS provides me no mechanism for centering content
> vertically within those elements.
> Is that not correct?

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