Re: How is it possible to devise such a feeble system?

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>> With small document (one that doesn't fill up the browser
>> window) set a
>> border of a few pixels on the body. This should show what
>> you're dealing
>> with. The *body* is as wide as the window, but only as tall
>> as it needs to
>> be. 
> If that was the case, then if I was to apply a style to the body
> element, and give it a background color, then I would only see the
> background color on some of the page (for small documents), correct?
> But this is not the case.  Instead, the background color is applied to
> the entire viewport.  The body takes up the entire viewport (by
> default).

I have thought about this before myself, but I have not looked at either the
reccomendations or the browser implementations in detail on this point. I
can say that in any borwser i have access to at the moment (moz, ie & opera
on osx & win2k) the following page does both:

It colors the whole page, as well as shows the border at the bottom or the
content and not the viewport.

I can also say, from past experience, that Opera 5/win implementation only
recognizes javascript onclick/onmousedown events inside this content area.

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