Re: "inline" elements in CSS2 box model, and "inline-block" in CSS3

On Friday 19 October 2001 00:00, Dylan Schiemann wrote:
|   Somewhat related, I've noticed that in Windows IE, if
|   an element has display:inline and it has children that
|   are display:block, the parent element behaves as an
|   inline element, whereas mozilla and Mac IE5 do not
|   display the block child of an inline element as a
|   child since inline elements should not have
|   block-level children.  Is this a use case for
|   block-inside?

It seems that [Puzzle test] related to these issues, but can't be reproduced 
in the way you described.
Anyway, styles you described result in "uncertanty" in rendering by different 
browsers, and I am not sure "who is the winner" here.

I did some testing and uploaded results here:

Screenshots mapped by browser: (without any order or preference)

Most likely, each case needs clarification/changes in CSS2 specs, and later 
adopting these tests to each case.

I think that the best if everyone can view these pages, and post your 
I don't have MacIE5, so comments/screenshots from Tantek would be highly 
Dylan, thatnks a lot for raising these issues! :-)

|   Thanks,
|   -Dylan Schiemann


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