Re: "inline" elements in CSS2 box model, and "inline-block" in CSS3

On Thursday 18 October 2001 18:08, Tantek Celik wrote:
|   From: Vadim Plessky <>
|   Subject: Re: "inline" elements in CSS2 box model, and "inline-block" in
|   CSS3
|   Date: Thu, Oct 18, 2001, 3:32 AM
|   >
|   > Unfortunately, this is not correct. Please do not see this as a
|   > flaimball, but IE5/Mac is not CSS1 compliant.
|   > Ref: my page, "Puzzle" test, from Feb. 2001
|   On that page,
|   there is a directory listing with one subdirectory "css"

yes, this is work in progress, you can think about it as "pre-alpha" state.
still it's open for reading and you can look into it

|   which is also a directory listing, but does not contain any files with
| the word "Puzzle" in the name, nor does it contain any files from Feb.
| 2001.
|   Please feel free to send me exact URLs to test pages which you believe
|   demonstrates problems in IE5/Mac's CSS1 support.
|   I will stand by my statement that IE5/Mac supported all of CSS1 in March
| of 2000.  In addition, as I said before, all released software has bugs,
| and certainly would believe it if you found a bug or two in our CSS1
| support. This does not contradict my statement that the support is there.

ok. Actually, my goal is to find some errors/bugs, and make them fixed.
I was doing it for Konqueror, during KDE 2.1 bugfix period, but also think 
that other products (MS IE, Netscape/Mozilla, iCab, etc.) should benefit from 
it. Question is wether they *want to fix* highlighted bugs.
For example, I found that Mozilla's bug fixing rate is quite slow.
Also, bug reporting process is complex and time-consuming.
It would be nice if MacIE can cooperate better :-)
|   > I am in process of updating my CSS testing suite, but you can find copy
|   > of old tests at
|   Is this the test you are referring to?
|   If so, I tried it out.  First I should note that you need to add a
| character encoding to the page in order for it to validate fully.

No, I render to:
It was validated by validator correctly:

Document Type: 
XHTML 1.0 Transitional
Root Namespace:

|   However, even after all that - I seem to get the results that are
| expected by the page - roughly speaking:
|   You should see below big numbers: 1, 2, 3, etc. in Red, Green and Blue
|   color. Light background
|   1  2  3
|   4  5  6
|   7  8  9
|   Dark background
|   1  2  3
|   4  5  6
|   7  8  9
|   With appropriate colors and backgrounds.

Yes, that's exactly layout by MS IE.
And Mozilla/Konqueror layout it as 

Due to the fact that TD is { display: block }
See comment from Dirk Mueller on this subject.
|   I don't see any problems.
|   > I know that Mac IE team *was* aware of this bug
|   Well, I can say that as the development lead for Tasman which is the
|   rendering engine we shipped in IE5/Mac, this is the first time I have
| seen this page - so I am not certain who on the Mac IE team you contacted
| regarding this supposed problem.

what a pity :-(
Anyway, it would be nice to hear comments from you now.

I understand that this example is somewhat "synthetic"
But, on another hand, W3C CSS1 test are pretty "academic" :-)
|   > I have no other feedback, though. May be, this bug was fixed in MacIE
|   > 5.1, if it's released.
|   As far as I can tell, it works fine in MacIE 5.0 (and MacIE 5.1 for that
|   matter - which did add a number of small rendering bug fixes).
|   > It may be that I will find new bugs in MacIE CSS implementation. As I
|   > mentioned above, I am in process of re-writing CSS tests, making them
|   > more *precise* and *visual*. If you can provide me e-mail address for
|   > communicating with MacIE team, I would be more than happy to track down
|   > bugs in MacIE.
|   Your best bet here would be the macie-talk list:
|   To subscribe send mail to
|   To post send mail to
|   To search the archives:
|             <>

But are people *without* Mac accepted on this list?
I know that Mac community is rather closed...

|   In addition, you may send _web_standards_ problem reports about either
|   IE/Mac or IE/Windows to:


P.S. May be, this Puzzle test shuld be re-written, in some way, to make it 
more clear and less confusing. And "close" to real life.
but I found other much more important bugs in different browser's 
implementations, so this test should wait a little bit.

P.P.S. Thanks a lot for your response!

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