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> fantasai wrote:
> >"Justin H." wrote:
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> >>Since this is about the most standards conscious group I know, I have a
> >>question for y'all.  I'm going to be doing some low level, but
> >>(hopefully) rather intense tutoring in web creation and standards.  I
> >>already have Danny Goodman's Javascript Bible (4th) to back me up and
> >>some HTML 4.0x books to use as references, but I don't really have
> >>anything on CSS around.  I glanced at the XML bible in passing, but
> >>wasn't sure it was what I was looking for to get *myself* up to a
> >>comfortable level of knowledge and to use for examples and to help with
> >>definitions/examples.  Anyone have any recommendations?
> >>
> >
> > has a list of CSS books. Haven't read any
> >of them, so I can't give you a recommendation.
> >
> For CSS1 I recommend Eric Meyer's book ("Cascading Style Sheets: The
> Definitive Guide").
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> Ian Hickson
Or armed with the ISBN: 1565926226 I always recommend going to and using their free price comparison service. It's saved me
quite a few bucks! :)


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