Re: style and the cursor

* McDouglas wrote:
>I have a question: how cay cahnge the color of my cursor?
>(not the mouse cursor, the pointing device... i mean the
>character cursor in the input fields). Because i changed
>the background color of my <INPUT>, and the cursor is now
>cannot be seen. This is problem, because the design of the
>page reccomend the gray field background... So, how can i
>change the color of the cursor?

Hm, cursors are typically bitmap graphics, thus it would be
rather hard to specify a color for the cursor. You can
circumvent this problem be specifying your own cursor for
input elements, e.g.

  input { cursor: url(cursor), text }

I think the only thing CSS3 could do is to require user agents
to ensure a certain contrast for cursors to avoid such problems.

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