RE: Scrollbar CSS representation [Re: Proposal]

fantasia wrote:

> The scrollbars are under the influence of CSS, but they are not under
> its control. There is nothing in the description of the 'overflow'
> property to require scrollbars as the scrolling mechanism. It doesn't
> even require that the scrolling mechanism be one visible on 
> the screen.
> "overflow: scroll" is not guaranteed to create scrollbars, even in a
> graphical UA.

This brings up a good point: instead of using a property name such as
"scrollbar-color:", perhaps we should use something like
"scrollwidget-color:", "scroller-color:" or "scroll-color", since the UI for
a given device may not even be a traditional scrollbar, but some other UI
(e.g. two arrows, one up, one down that may scroll the page).

I can still see one wanting to control the colour of that widget to match
the page ... and this is a perfect example of not wanting to control the
size and shape of the scroll widget.


Received on Wednesday, 3 October 2001 11:49:10 UTC